T-Mobile Customers Get Quibi for Free When It Launches in a Few Days

Quibi Free

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Just going to be honest here, but I have absolutely no idea what in the hell Quibi is. Apparently, it’s some sort of short-clip show platform that is only on mobile and has lined up a bunch of big names to create content for it. It has not yet launched, but when it does, T-Mobile customers will get it for free.

According to the 2 minutes of research I just did on Quibi, it’s a streaming video platform that is only on mobile. It features shows or clips that are 10 minutes or less, because that’s an easily consumable amount of time or something. Names like Jennifer Lopez, Chrissy Teigen, Chance the Rapper, Liam Hemsworth, and Reese Witherspoon are all making little shows for it. Quibi says that it already has 90 shows lined up.

When it launches on April 6, everyone will get a free 90 day trial before it asks you to pay $4.99/mo.

But again, this is about T-Mobile customers, so to get it free, you will have to be on select plans (Magenta and ONE plans). Then, just like the free Netflix that T-Mobile offers, you’ll get Quibi for the next year. You should be aware that in a year, T-Mobile will make you choose one over the other.

Anyone interested in this Quibi thing?

Google Play Link: Quibi

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