Here is Android 11’s New Notification History Page

Android 11 Notification History

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We’re only beginning to dive into Android 11 Developer Preview 2 to see what other elements beyond the technical stuff that Google included and noticed right away that a new “Notification history” page is here. We can finally jump into a dedicated page for the notifications that have run through our phones.

When you are on Android 11 DP2 and you swipe down your notification area, you’ll see a new option to the bottom left called “History.” In previous builds of Android, that said “Manage” and took you into the system app notification settings for all apps. When you tap this new “History” button, you are taken into a list of all the notifications that have cruised through your phone.

Below is a brief look at mine after only a few minutes of use. You can see there is a section for recently dismissed notifications with details and their time. Below that, there is a “Today” section that groups notifications by app or service from the day, with details for each as you tap on them. Assuming you have this running for multiple days, you should be able to go back further than today to see additional notifications.

The level of detail here is quite something too. This area is picking up things like Google Play Music trying to download my collection or Google Play doing that wear Wear OS update check.

Android 11 Notification History

Out of the box, this was not turned on. I had to tap history, then enter the “Notification history” page to activate it.



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