LG V60 Arrives This Week for $800

LG V60

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The newest phone from LG, the V60 ThinQ 5G, arrives this Friday, March 20, at a handful of carriers. For now, we know that Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile will all have this new Dual Screen-ready phone and that it’ll start at $800.

For pricing, it looks like T-Mobile currently has the least expensive price of $799.99 (or $33.34/mo), but understand that the low price there is because the phone doesn’t come with its Dual Screen accessory. If you want that accessory, you’ll pay $899.99 (or $37.50/mo). Verizon, on the other hand, is only revealing a $949.99 price point (or $39.58/mo). AT&T has not yet revealed pricing, but is suggesting Dual Screen is a separate purchase. Edit: AT&T pinged us to say that the V60 will cost $900 with them (or $30/mo) and the Dual Screen is included.

To recap, the LG V60 features a 6.8″ FHD+ (1080p) display, Snapdragon 865 processor, 8GB RAM, 128GB storage, 5000mAh battery, 3.5mm headphone jack with Quad DAC, and dual rear camera (64MP standard + 13MP Super Wide). The big sell is its Dual Screen functionality, where you slap the phone into a case of sorts that adds a second display to the experience. It’s a big thing LG has focused on in recent releases as a counter to everyone else doing foldables.

The LG V60 will have all the 5G connectivity of a proper 2020 phone, it runs Android 10 and LG’s newest skin, and is obviously priced lower than phones like the Galaxy S20, assuming you go without the Dual Screen.

Is this phone one to consider? We’ll try to answer that once we get a review sample in hand.

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