Xiaomi Mi Box S at $29.99 Means It’s Android TV Time

Xiaomi Mi Box S

Cutting the cord because you are ready to dive into the world of streaming apps means you need something that can power all experiences without much fuss. Android TV, after a rough start, has really grown into a quite-mature TV experience that has served me well in recent years. I do everything on Android TV and have since I Lenina Huxley’d Comcast as my cable provider.

So as I tell you how great I believe Android TV is now, I know that not everyone is interested in paying $150 for one of NVIDIA’s new high-end SHIELD units. To those of you, I point you once again to the Xiaomi Mi Box S that is sold at Walmart.

Currently, Xiaomi’s most current Android TV box can be had for just $29.99. That’s a $30 discount from the original price of $59.99.

For that price, you get 4K streaming, access to all of the major streaming apps on Google Play, Google Assistant, and a sweet little remote.

To find this deal, Walmart is for some reason burying it a bit. You’ll need to hit that link below, then look for the “Compare all sellers” button below the listing, where you’ll then find the $29.99 price with Walmart as the seller (see this). Add to cart at that spot and you will be locked-in to a brand new Android TV box that just got updated to Android 9.

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