Microsoft has an Interesting “Peek” Idea for the Surface Duo

Microsoft Surface Duo

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The Microsoft Surface Duo might be the most interesting device of 2020. I don’t say that necessarily because of the fact that it’s technically a foldable with a weird form factor, but more because we get to see what Microsoft can do with Android in that weird form factor.

For example, a supposed leak today shows how Microsoft may get around the fact that the device has no exterior screen to show you critical information, like notifications or incoming calls. As you’ll see below, Microsoft is considering a “peek” UI that lets you view information from the device without having to fully open it.

If you watch both clips here, you’ll see that this UI will let a user slightly open the Surface Duo to view the clock and pending notifications, but also dismiss them. The other video shows an incoming call, where you couldĀ peek inside to see if you even want to take it before answering or closing the Duo back up.

Now, you could make the argument that this is a necessary work-around because of bad decisions Microsoft made over the design. Not putting any sort of external display on a phone, even if it is a hybrid of sorts, seems like a miscalculation. But look, this doesn’t seem like the worst idea, assuming you don’t mind peeking at your Duo every time a new notification comes in.

Still, I get the feeling that Microsoft is going to make this device so weirdly cool that we’ll all consider it. At first, I’m not sure I was that excited, but I’m now finding myself ready for more.

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