You Should Check Out Traffix, a Minimal Traffic Control Game On Sale for $1 (Down From $5.49)

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I feel like we as a site don’t share enough games anymore. Is that because there aren’t any exciting games launching? Of course not! Google Play always has new and exciting games and apps launching, but I think I find myself playing less new titles and just sticking to what I know. As bad I am, I can’t imagine how Kellen feels, probably still playing Granny Smith from years ago.

Thanks to a game sale happening on Google Play this week, I came across Traffix, a game that’s apparently been out since last year for Android. It’s also available on Steam. On sale for just a $0.99, down from its usual price of $5.49, I bought it and have been enjoying it very much so.

The game is a very minimal traffic simulation game. Gameplay-wise and somewhat aesthetically, it reminds me a bit of Mini Metro, but like that game, as you progress into it, it becomes quite difficult to master. Timing is obviously key, with you in control of when cars and trucks can merge with the flow of traffic. Should you cause too many accidents, the level starts over. For $1, it’s a helluva deal.

Don’t miss out on the sale. Click the link below.

Google Play Link ($0.99)



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