Samsung Working on Update to Allow 120Hz Refresh Rate at WQHD+ Resolution

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According to two separate individuals who are usually quite good with their early Samsung details, the company is working on an update that would allow for the Galaxy S20 lineup to utilize their 120Hz refresh rate capabilities at the maximum display resolution of WQHD+. This is a big deal.

Currently, and I’m referencing devices that were at Unpacked earlier this month, the Galaxy S20 family, which includes the S20, S20+, and S20 Ultra, are only able to use the 120Hz refresh rate when the display resolution is limited to FHD+. If you want WQHD+ resolution, you’ll be dropped back down to the standard 60Hz refresh rate.

According to Max Weinbach on Twitter, Samsung could release this change within 1-3 months should all of its testing go well. While that’s quite the timeframe, if indeed it comes, it’ll likely be worth the wait for Galaxy S20 owners. Chances are, Samsung wasn’t ready to implement this feature due to potential battery drain of WQHD+ display panels refreshing at that rate. However, with optimizations made and each Galaxy S20 sporting healthy battery sizes, it’s clearly something Samsung is looking into.

If you’ve always been a Samsung user and intend on upgrading to a Galaxy S20, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how smooth your UI looks when scrolling through it at 120Hz, regardless if it’s FHD+ or WQHD+. We enjoy the buttery smoothness around these parts.

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