Pixel 5 May Feature ‘Battery Share’ for Reverse Wireless Charging

Google Pixel Stand

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With the first Android 11 developer preview getting booted onto devices, we’re really getting a feel for everything Google is working to include in the next version of Android. However, there are some things that Google has begun working on, but aren’t quite viewable to the average end user.

Spotted deep within Android 11’s code, XDA has spotted reference to a new Battery Share feature, which is assumed to be a reverse wireless charging feature in development for the Pixel 5. The code states that, “your phone’s battery will run out faster when using battery share. Battery share works with compatible ear buds, watches, phones, and more.”

As noted, reverse wireless charging isn’t specifically mentioned, but that seems like what’s being implied. The same thing currently happens on select Samsung devices, where users can wirelessly share juice, but of course, the person sharing will run out of battery more quickly.

Pixel 5 reverse wirelessly charging a pair of new Pixel Buds? That could be cool.

// XDA



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