Pixel 4 Gets First New Motion Sense Gesture With Android 11: Song Pausing

Pixel 4 XL Pause Motion

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An unexpected surprise showed up on my Pixel 4 XL today with the update to Android 11: a new Motion Sense gesture. I was walking through setup of my Pixel 4 XL after flashing the Android 11 Developer Preview when I noticed a new move being hinted at. For the first time since the phone’s launch back in November of last year, Google added another new way to interact hands-free with your phone.

The new Quick Gesture is a pause/play movement that lets you make a motion with your hand toward your display. Instead of swiping side-to-side to change tracks like you have been able to do, you now hover your hand over the Pixel 4 display, then wave forward toward the device. The first wave pauses, while repeating the move resumes playback.

To access it on a Pixel 4 or Pixel 4 XL, you’ll head into Settings>System>Motion Sense. Assuming you updated to Android 11 and completed any of the latest app updates available on Google Play, you should see the “Pause music” option. Turn it on and get to waving.

Pixel 4 New Motion Sense




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