Verizon Hasn’t Ended Its Relationship With Google and Their Pixel Phones

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Hi, guys! Any chance you saw the news last night suggesting that Verizon had ended its partnership with Google and would no longer sell Pixel phones? If you did, know that the story has now been retracted. If you didn’t, well, move along and prepare for whatever the next Pixel phone is, likely the Pixel 4a.

Want more context? Sure thing!

The folks at Android Police pushed a story last night where a source told them that Verizon had put anĀ indefinite hold on future plans to sell Google Pixel phones. That would more than likely mean there was little chance of the Pixel 4a showing up at a Verizon store, but that the future of a Pixel 5 was also uncertain.

Hours after that story, Verizon told Android Authority’s Eric Zeman that there was “no truth to this report” and that Verizon is continuing to work with Google and “looks forward to the new portfolio of devices” on the horizon.

This morning, the original report from Android Police has been retracted. Their source, who they “know and trust,” was apparently incorrect on the details. They now believe that Verizon will indeed continue on with its Google Pixel partnership.

To recap, last night, there was short-lived fear that Verizon would no longer be selling Pixel phones. Shortly after, Verizon said, “Ummm, no, that’s not true at all.” And this morning, we’re all back to believing nothing is wrong here.

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