Android 11’s First Developer Preview Might be Close (Updated)

Android 11 Developer Preview

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How close are we to seeing the first Android 11 Developer Preview? We might be really close. Google just updated their developer preview portal to say that it is here.

You can’t update to it yet or flash files or see what changes are coming, but the page sure makes it look like we are days away. It says you can “Try it today” and “Get Android 11” on your Pixel device through the Android Beta program, test apps, “review what’s new,” and more. These could all be number changes from Android 10 or Android Q to “Android 11,” but Google probably wouldn’t start this transition if they weren’t about to drop it on us.

Currently none of the “Behavior changes” or “Privacy features” or “New features & APIs” links work. If that changes, we’ll certainly let you know.

The Android 11 Developer Preview page also states that it was updated today, February 13. This was a deliberate change.

The first Android Q/Android 10 Developer Preview arrived on March 13 of last year. Arriving this early would be, well, early.

Also, RIP, Android R. We completely ditching letters now in favor of numbers from day 1? Sad.

  • UPDATE: Google already hid the Android 11 page with a redirect. You can see what it looked like below.

Android 11 Developer Preview

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