A OnePlus 8 With Wireless Charging Sounds Fun

OnePlus 7T, 6T

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OnePlus is known for packing high-end specs into a package that is sold for hundreds of dollars less than comparable phones from companies like Samsung and Google. If there’s one complaint, it’s the lack of wireless charging that others have included. OnePlus would rather you use their super fast Warp Charge and has been clear about that.

Things could be changing there with the OnePlus 8, if some of these recent hints and rumors are to be believed. Yes, OnePlus may be on the verge of adding wireless charging to a phone.

While we still don’t have any sort of confirmation of this happening, we have one rumor from a week ago from a reliable leaker. They didn’t specifically say the OnePlus 8, but that’s certainly been implied by this tweet.

In addition to that, OnePlus joined the Wireless Power Consortium recently, which is the group that maintains the standards for wireless charging. If you’d like to put wireless charging in a product, being a member of the WPC is probably key, as they manage the Qi standard that the majority of the world utilizes for wireless charging.

Is this the confirmation we need that OnePlus is going to give-in and give us wireless charging? No. It does at least show that OnePlus might be softening on the idea.

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