Do You Actually Miss Removable Batteries?

LG Removable Battery

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The internet is loving this new Samsung phone with the removable battery, I think only because of that – a removable battery. I’m sure the rest of the phone is fine, even if it is built for Amazon warehouses only. But that battery, it’s a thing to pay attention to it seems.

Here’s my question – do you actually miss removable batteries?

I can say that I do miss the convenience of a battery draining and being able to quick swap one mid-day without needing to find a charger. But that’s it. Other than that single move, I do not miss removable batteries for a second.

Without them, we now have better water resistance (without stupid flaps), better designs that don’t need to work around removable parts, and fast charging that is only getting faster. I can charge a phone to 50%+ in a matter of minutes today, so needing to swap because my phone used to charge like a snail is no longer an issue. Plus, swapping a battery meant having to reboot your phone, which is never cool, and remembering to keep a secondary battery charged.

While reddit is going nuts over removable batteries, I really want to know if you guys truly miss them. You don’t, right?

Do You Actually Miss Removable Batteries?

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