What to Expect From Samsung’s 2020 Naming Scheme

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Serving as an update to the post where we mentioned Samsung might skip a few numbers and jump ahead to the Galaxy S20 for 2020, reliable Samsung leaker @UniverseIce is back again, this time filling everyone in on how the new naming scheme aligns with what we previously expected.

As Ice writes it out on Twitter, Samsung’s plan is a little confusing, but I suppose it makes sense if you don’t think about it too hard. On the left we have what was expected, versus what’s likely to come on the right.

  • Galaxy S11e –> Galaxy S20
  • Galaxy S11 –> Galaxy S20+
  • Galaxy S11+ –> Galaxy S20 Ultra??

The Galaxy S20 Ultra’s name is not yet confirmed, and according to the source, the “Pro” moniker is also being tossed around. If they do end up with Pro, we’re looking at the Galaxy S20 Pro, which is similar to Huawei’s P20 Pro. Thankfully, US buyers need not worry about getting confused due to Huawei’s lack of presence here.

Frankly, I’m really starting to not care about the name of anything. The name doesn’t matter. All I’m concerned with is if it’s a good phone or not. Marketing people who probably get paid way too much probably don’t agree with me. Samsung Galaxy S2000 (Honda Don’t Sue Us) Pro Ultra X2 name confirmed!

// @UniverseIce



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