Samsung Might Skip Ahead to “Galaxy S20” for 2020 Lineup

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According to the founder of case manufacturer Schnail, a screenshot of a communication points to Samsung skipping Galaxy S11 through Galaxy S19, going straight to Galaxy S20 for the year of 2020. While we’ve heard wild things in our time, this sounds so crazy that it actually makes a ton of sense.

While completely unsubstantiated, skipping to Galaxy S20 not only aligns Samsung’s naming scheme with the given year, but from a layman marketing perspective, that would put Samsung well ahead of Apple’s current iPhone 11 lineup numeral — instead of being one behind as it currently is. While we in the biz know that a name doesn’t mean all too much, someone inside a Verizon store deciding between a Galaxy S20 and an iPhone 11 could be swayed by such a thing.

Known Samsung leaker @UniverseIce recently tweeted something along these lines, saying, “Next year is 2020, and 20 is a new beginning.” That was in reply to a previous tweet that solely said, “Galaxy S20.”

Regardless of whatever name Samsung opts for, we should see it announced in the next couple of months. And of course, as we get closer, we’ll get a better understanding of what’s to happen.

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