Action Launcher Update Brings Android 10 Gesture Nav Compatibility

action launcher

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Action Launcher is grabbing a public update this week (was in beta last week), one that brings compatibility for Android 10’s gesture navigation. Hooray!

Do note, users will need to be running the latest December security patch to see the feature, but for phones on Android 10, that should include most of the popular ones. Also added in the update is an ActionDash widget, ability to pause apps with ActionDash directly from Action Launcher, plus a few other things.

Here’s the full log.

What’s New

  • Android 10 gesture nav compatibility! Note: requires Android 10 December 2019 system update.
  • ActionDash widget, showing up-to-the-second device usage stats!
  • Pause apps with ActionDash directly from Action Launcher!
  • 2020 Supporter Badge. The bonus wallpapers are rather spectacular!
  • Quicktheme supports live wallpapers.
  • Proper duplicate apps support.

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