Video: A List of Google Play Pass Apps and Games

Google Play Pass

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Google Play Pass, the subscription app and game service from Google, started arriving on phones yesterday at a discounted price of $1.99/mo for the next year. Since so many of you are probably wondering what the app and game selection looks like before you fork out any cash and make this a part of your growing list of monthly paid services, we put together a video that runs through most of the available categories to try and show off the majority of the 350+ apps that Google claims are available.

Since Google Play Pass doesn’t currently have a web portal that shows all apps, this will probably cover a good chunk of them. The clip shows off the top games, top apps, the entire kids section, recommendations for me, tools & utilities, sleep improving apps, weather apps, various types of games (arcade, simulation, puzzles, etc.), photo editing tools, editors’ choice, music & audio, and more.

What are some of our favorites? The easy choices are apps like Tasker ($2.99), TouchReTouch ($1.99), LIMBO ($4.99), Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic ($9.99), NOAA Weather, Nebi, red, and Monument Valley 1 and 2 ($4.99).

At $1.99/mo for the first year, Google Play Pass might be worth a look for a few months. I’m not sure that I’d pay $4.99/mo for access to these as someone who isn’t a huge mobile gamer, because the general app selection doesn’t include some of the apps I do pay subscriptions for, like Dark Sky or Google One.

What about you? Seeing enough to sign-up?



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