Question: How Much Money Have You Gotten From Google’s Opinion Rewards App?

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Every now and then, we like to see how much free Google Play credit people have earned via the Google Play Opinion Rewards app. Today’s a day where we’re feeling curious.

If you don’t have Opinion Rewards downloaded, it’s an app that asks you questions based on places you’ve been, interactions you’ve had with Google Assistant, and things you’ve shopped for. Depending on how much work is required for your answers, you receive a varying amount of free Google Play credit that you can use on apps, games, movie rentals, or whatever else you want. It’s basically free money, so there’s no reason you shouldn’t use it, unless you’re ultra concerned about privacy and Google knowing too much about you.

For me, I’m sitting at $183.69 in total earned credit from 630 surveys taken. If we do the math, that’s a $0.30 average earning per survey. Not bad. Kellen has accumulated $91.58 from 364 surveys. That averages out to $0.25 a survey.

Let us know down in the comments how much you’ve earned and from how many surveys. I’m curious what the averages are. And if you haven’t used this app yet, download it and start earning!



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