Samsung Says Hundreds of Apps Now Optimized for Galaxy Fold

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If the Samsung Galaxy Fold is going to be any sort of success, it won’t just be because the phone is a way for Samsung to showcase the advancements they have made in phone technology and manufacturing. If the product is only cool for 10 minutes because it folds and unfolds, the novelty will wear off before you know it and the end of foldables might not be far behind. But if Samsung can create experiences and uses that are more than just a gimmick, a foldable future might just be something we should pay attention to.

To start, it will be important for Samsung to have a number of apps available that can utilize both small and large screens, the Fold’s multi-app action, and hopefully take advantage of the screen continuity from one to another. This afternoon, Samsung announced that “hundreds” of apps have been optimized for the Fold as we await a launch here in the US.

Some of those apps include Amazon Prime Video, Spotify, Twitter, and VSCO. Apps from companies like Facebook, iHeartMedia, and Microsoft (Office 365) are also ready for foldables. Samsung says that these apps with their optimized experiences are now available on Google Play and the Galaxy Store.

Can I buy one, Samsung? Or send me one? Something. I need this.

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