Google’s Pixel 3a is Amazon’s Best Selling Unlocked Phone Already

Pixel 3a

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I don’t know that this is all that important, but Google’s Pixel 3a is now listed as Amazon’s best selling unlocked cell phone. This list is updated hourly and things could change quickly, but the early rise for Google’s new mid-range phones is worth acknowledging.

At $400, the Pixel 3a is one of the most expensive phones on Amazon’s list. Rounding out the top five are phones that range in price from $40 to $138, while the most expensive phones in the top 12 are the Galaxy S8 at $258 and the Moto G7 at $209. In other words, this is a list dominated by phones from years ago or that are as budget-friendly as you can find in a smart device, yet here is Google’s $400 phone dominating in only a month’s time.

We reviewed the Pixel 3a and liked it quite a bit. It’s not a Galaxy S10 killer, but it also shouldn’t be thought of as one. Google had to cut a few corners in order to get to this price point and they still managed to deliver a killer budget phone. The camera is excellent, the plastic build is actually kind of refreshing to use, and the display is solid.

As we mentioned in both our 3a and Moto Z4 reviews, this is the phone you should buy if your budget is anywhere from $300-$500.

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