With Still No Word From Samsung, Best Buy Cancels All Galaxy Fold Pre-Orders

Galaxy Fold Breaking

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We’ve heard that Samsung has identified the major issues with the Galaxy Fold’s design and is working to correct them, but with no new launch date set, Best Buy has gone ahead and cancelled all pre-orders for the device. 

While they praise the device for its boundary pushing design, the retailer wants to make sure that it’s doing right by its customers. 

However, with breakthrough designs and technology come many hurdles and the possibility to face a plethora of unforeseen hiccups. These hurdles have led Samsung to postpone the release of the Galaxy Fold, and Samsung has not provided a new release date. Because we put our customers first and want to ensure they are taken care of in the best possible manner, Best Buy has decided to cancel all current pre-orders for the Samsung Galaxy Fold.

This makes sense to us. If Samsung doesn’t have a solid date in mind, you might as well as cancel the orders. Best Buy does state that anyone interested in buying the Galaxy Fold, should it attempt to be re-released, can sign up to be notified via its product page. 

Let’s say the Galaxy Fold did indeed launch. After the issues we saw, would you still want to spend the $2,000 on one? 

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