Wear OS Update Introduces Tiles, Which are Like Little Information Cards (Updated)

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We often wonder if Google still cares much about Wear OS, you know, because of the lack of meaningful updates and hardware. But typically, just as we get close to writing off their wearable OS, a new piece of software or feature shows up to bring back an ounce of hope. Today, Google is doing that again with the introduction of Tiles.

What are Wear OS Tiles? They are sort of like cards of information for Wear OS, similar to the pages or cards of information you see on something like Tizen OS, which is Samsung’s wearable OS. They are quick-to-access informative pages that one might check on multiple times per day without having to open an individual app. You’ll have Tiles for weather, Google Fit info, setting a timer, or getting news from places like the New York Times.

You access Tiles with a swipe from right-to-left and can customize the order of them by long-pressing and then re-arranging. Google says they’ll add more over time, probably with the help of developers after they discuss Tiles in more detail next week at Google I/O.

Ready to have Tiles on you Wear OS watch? Google says to expect Tiles to hit watches “over the next month.”

To see Tiles in action, jump to the 50-second mark of the video below.

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