Google Assistant Smart Displays Now With Less “Hey, Google!” Screaming

Google Home Hub

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Back in June of last year, Google Assistant-powered smart speakers like the Google Home Mini picked up a feature called Continued Conversation. As the name suggests, this new addition allowed you to continue conversations with Google Home for multiple command action without having to repeat the “Hey, Google!” command. That same feature is now available to Assistant-powered Smart Displays.

I actually hadn’t realized it wasn’t available on Smart Displays, but that’s great news! Now, when you want to turn up the temperature, fire up a super hot playlist, and ask how badly the Blazers choked to the Thunder last night, you can do so with only a single “Hey, Google.”

Continued Conversation works by finishing a command and then continuing to listen for more for a few seconds. It’s during that later listening period that you get to continue the chat. Make sense?

To turn on Continued Conversation, head into Google Assistant Settings→Preferences→Continued Conversation and tap on the toggle.

The feature is available on the Google Home Hub (unboxing and tour), Lenovo Smart Display (review), JBL Link View, and LG XBOOM.

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