Poll: Is Your Phone on Android Pie Yet?

Android Pie

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Google doesn’t seem all that interested in sharing the percentage of Android phones running Pie, their latest release. After dropping Pie on us in August, they released two months of Android distribution numbers that would potentially reveal its adoption, it’s just that neither of them showed Pie making a debut. Since October, Google has stopped producing those numbers while they fix something. We’re now four months without updated numbers and no idea how many phones are running the current version of Android.

So, a year ago, we asked how many of you were running Android Oreo because we wanted to see how our readers’ adoption compared to Google’s. Those numbers were also important with Project Treble a year old. As you know, Treble is one of Google’s keys to improving update adoption. Semi-surprisingly, 51% of DL readers were not yet running Android Oreo.

Fast forward to today and Treble is two years old, bringing it to a place where you would hope it would start to make a difference. Since we don’t have Google numbers to compare to, I’m still interested to see how many of you are on Pie or not and if there has been an update release improvement in this community. After all, we have three years’ worth of Pixel phones all on Pie, some OnePlus phones there too, and a handful of Samsung’s latest, thanks to a year-to-year improvement from Android’s biggest phone maker.

Talk to us – is your phone running Android Pie yet?

Is Your Phone on Android Pie Yet?

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