Shocker: OEMs Sell More Phones in US When on Carriers, OnePlus Finds

OnePlus 6T

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OnePlus┬áis a popular smartphone brand among Android enthusiasts, even before the company made its OnePlus 6T available for purchase through T-Mobile. And now that the phone maker is selling its phone through a US carrier, sales are up bigly, with OnePlus saying US sales were up 249% for the first 30 days when compared to the OnePlus 6. And yes, that’s for a phone without a headphone jack.

Speaking with PCMag on the heels of announcing its smartphone made in collaboration with McLaren, OnePlus CEO Pete Lau discussed other things besides US sales figures.

Considering the talk of the industry is focused primarily on 5G at the moment, the discussion naturally shifted to that subject. To OnePlus, 5G is going to open up a larger cloud business as it matures (since users will be able to access things online quicker than ever), but that means data security issues may rise. According to Lau, OnePlus is auditioning security partners right now, specifying that, “We want to give people a perception that if you work with this company, then you’re secure.”

Lau also mentioned the company’s smart TV project. There is still no exact launch date, but Lau says, “We will not launch until we think it’s ready and perfect.”

Things are looking good for OnePlus. The company is continuing to make great phones at affordable prices and with its partnership with T-Mobile to sell phones through the carrier, the company is definitely here to stay.

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