Samsung, Who Laughed at Google’s Notch, is Ready to Introduce Notches

Samsung Notch Displays

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Prior to Samsung showing off its foldable display today called Infinity Flex, the company waxed poetic about all of the display innovation they have introduced over the years. They talked a lot about curved edge displays before transitioning into a new display type that might be a bigger deal than their foldable idea, at least as it relates to your next phone purchase, like the Galaxy S10.

Samsung showed off a series of prototype/concept display designs called Infinity-U, Infinity-V, Infinity-O, and New Infinity. They revealed these four display types after talking about further pushing boundaries and reducing bezel. And as you can see in the image above, that’ll all happen as Samsung transitions into the world of display notches.

That’s kind of funny.

They didn’t say much else, only that these concepts are “just right around the corner” and they can’t wait to tell us more. What we can gather from the images are a couple of things. For one, the Infinity-U and V displays have notches that match the shape of their names. They are minimal notch designs, unlike what Google and Apple have done. The Infinity-O concept looks more like a display with a “O” cutout off to its left side, rather than as a drop-down notch. And finally, New Infinity looks more like a fully notchless design, which is the future we all want today not tomorrow.

Will we see one of these in the Galaxy S10? Or will we jump straight to New Infinity and skip the notch phase? I don’t know!



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