Florida’s Panama City is Newest Verizon 5G City

Verizon 5G Home Box

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As Florida begins to rebuild communities following Hurricane Michael and the massive damage it caused, Verizon has announced that while it rebuild its network in the area, they’ll upgrade everything to be 5G compatible. They’ll start in Panama City, making it the 5th Verizon 5G market.

Verizon didn’t specify if this is a move to prepare Panama City for mobile 5G or if this is another 5G Home market. If it’s the 5G Home type, this isn’t Verizon’s 5G network that your phone will utilize and is instead their 5G Home broadband technology, which is built on Verizon’s own network standard that no one else in the industry is following. At some point, they will flip everything over to the industry standard 3GPP 5G.

Panama City will join Houston, Indianapolis, Sacramento, and Los Angeles as the only official Verizon 5G markets. Of course, Verizon’s mobile 5G network is coming in early 2019 and that should mean expansion outside of those first 5.

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