Verizon Completes 5G Call Using New 3GPP-Compliant 5G Tech

Verizon 5G

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Verizon hasn’t announced any mobile 5G plans at this point, but they want you to know that they placed an over-the-air call on a 3GPP-compliant 5G radio using licensed spectrum. That’s it. That’s the story.

And that’s the story because Verizon has only announced fixed 5G plans, which they’ll do through residential broadband that utilizes mmW spectrum. See, nothing wireless or mobile about that solution, even if they are hoping to push it out to multiple markets this year, including Sacramento as the first.

If you want an angle for this story, I’ll point out that this call was placed by using technology that meets the 5G spec set in December, a spec that will be used by everyone involved to get 5G into your life. They partnered with Nokia and Qualcomm products to do it too, so we’re talking about three players that’ll be huge factors in the rollout of 5G over the coming years. For Verizon, this likely helps them prepare their 5G mobile plans and further test mmW technology. For Qualcomm, this is a really big deal because we are expecting a 5G-ready phone from one of their partners by 2019. The more testing they can do, the better.

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