To Clarify, Again, Huawei Isn’t Selling Mate 20 Series in US

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I recently read a review of Huawei’s Mate 20 Pro. It summed up the phone by saying, “The Huawei Mate 20 Pro is one of, if not the, best phones ever made.” Well damn, that makes me want to get my hands on one! Unfortunately, Huawei and the US government don’t currently see eye-to-eye on a matter of national security, and until they do, it’s safe to say Huawei won’t be selling phones here.

Huawei said in a clarifying statement to Business Insider this week, “We are not planning to sell the Mate 20 Series in the US. While international variants of the Mate 20 Series may be available on some US online retail sites, we encourage individuals to carefully read the details about the warranty and network compatibility before purchasing.”

We knew this already, but it’s good to remind yourself if you intended on getting one. While you may find one unlocked via a online US retailer, it’s definitely going to be an International model and when it comes to warranty issues and network compatibility, you’re basically on your own.

While the phone looks cool, I wouldn’t recommend purchasing one unless you don’t mind running the risk of network incompatibility issues and potential warranty problems. If you like living on the wild side, by all means then.

// Business Insider



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