OnePlus has New Bullets Wireless Headphones on the Way

New OnePlus Bullets Wireless

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When OnePlus announces the OnePlus 6T next month, it’s likely that the company will announce a new pair of Bullets Wireless headphones too. An updated model just hit the FCC, right in time to be shipped alongside a new phone.

The FCC docs that showed up this morning leave little room for confusion here. The label specifically calls these “OnePlus Bullets Wireless,” plus we have a partial picture of them.

We aren’t sure how much these will differ over the original Bullets Wireless, but we do know the model number is BT32B and that the FCC tested Bluetooth. The original Bullets Wireless were BT31B.

New OnePlus Bullets Wireless

New OnePlus Bullets Wireless

These “wireless” headphones appear to sport the same dog-collar design as the original, so if you were looking for true wireless Bullets Wireless that could compete with AirPods or some of the other no-wire headphones from competitors, you’ll be disappointed. That doesn’t mean they won’t be solid and likely sold at an incredibly reasonable price (original set was $69), you just have to be cool with this type of headphone.

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