Pixel 3 XL Enjoys Lyft Rides, Being Photographed

Pixel 3 XL Notch

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The Pixel 3 XL is still showing up everywhere. No, not the made up I-got-hella-duped-and-it’s-hilarious-and-we’re-laughing-at-you-for-believing-it “Pixel Ultra” or some fake Pixel 3 XL that Google is using in a grand conspiracy to trick us all before revealing theĀ real Pixel 3 XL. No, I’m talking about the Pixel 3 XL that Google will unveil on October 4 or 9 that has leaked a dozen times and practically been reviewed, keeps showing up.

It’s latest appearance is in the back of a Lyft car. Someone – probably a Google employee – jumped out of the back seat of a Lyft car and their Pixel 3 XL slipped out. The Lyft driver then snapped a handful of pictures and sent to Android Police.

Here are those pictures:

Pixel 3 XL Lyft Ride Gang

The notch is there. It’s the black version. It has a clear case on it. That’s all.



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