T-Mobile Really Wants You to Believe That They’ll Lower Prices With 5G If They’ve Merged With Sprint

T-Mobile 5G

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“With that kind of capacity, we’ll be able to afford to give Americans network service and wireless service at lower prices than we’ve ever seen before.” – Mike Sievert, T-Mobile COO

Remember that quote from T-Mobile COO Mike Sievert. Make sure it sticks in your mind for at least the next couple of years as US wireless carriers prepare to launch 5G. You need to remember it, as well as the price that T-Mobile is currently charging for their data plans. And you need to remember those because if T-Mobile doesn’t stick to that idea, the idea that prices will be lower, we need to remind them of their promise.

Sievert made the comment to CNET today in a sitdown where he and T-Mobile CEO John Legere talked about their 5G plans that heavily hinge on their merger with Sprint. If they are able to combine with Sprint and utilize the spectrum that Sprint holds, they should be able to create a hell of a 5G network and possibly blanket the country before AT&T and Verizon. They’ll push 5G without Sprint too, as early as 2019, but this idea that prices will be lower is part of the sell to get merger approval. By merging with Sprint, T-Mobile believes that they’ll not only inherit a bunch of capacity, but the two together should be able to reduce operating costs.

As of today, T-Mobile ONE plans start at $70 for a single line. If T-Mobile sticks to its word and delivers “wireless service at lower prices than we’ve ever seen before,” then that number I just gave you is the one to look back and compare to once 5G is here. And that’s important to remember, because Sprint was certainly preparing to raise their prices with 5G.

Make it happen T-Mobile or we’ll be here with the receipts.




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