How to Pre-Order the Galaxy Note 9

Galaxy Note 9 Preorder

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I’m assuming you’ve read all there is to read about the Galaxy Note 9 and are ready to pre-order? If so, and your bank account is stacked and ready to pay either $1,000 or $1,250 for one, we’ve got pre-order details for you here.

When is the Galaxy Note 9 pre-order?

The Galaxy Note 9 pre-order opens up August 10 at 12:01PM Eastern, which is August 9 at 9:01PM Pacific. The pre-order period lasts for two weeks before the phone hits stores on August 24.

You should know that pre-orders for Samsung devices tend to ship early these days, so if you do pre-order, there is a chance you will have one before the 24th. In past years, we have seen them arrive a full week or so early.

Where can you pre-order the Galaxy Note 9?

Everyone will have it tonight. For carriers, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, U.S. Cellular, Verizon Wireless and Xfinity will all have it. Additionally, Amazon, Best Buy, Costco, Sam’s Club, Straight Talk Wireless, Target and Walmart will make some models available, including the unlocked version. Samsung’s own store will have it too.

What about Note 9 pricing?

Everyone appears to be on the same page as Samsung this year, so pricing is pretty standard no matter where you get it. That’s a good thing even if the phone is crazy expensive. The 128GB/6GB version will be $999.99 everywhere and the 512GB/8GB model will be $1249.99.

Samsung Store

You can reserve the Galaxy Note 9 from Samsung in both 128GB and 512GB configurations. Samsung’s store has the unlocked version as well as those from Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T, Sprint, and US Cellular. It’s probably the best place to buy the phone, since you can buy it at full retail without question, pick a monthly payment plan, and also trade-in a phone with an instant discount up to $450.

Samsung Store Link

Carrier Stores


AT&T will charge $33.34/mo for 30 months on AT&T Next for the 128GB model. They’ll likely have a 24 month option as well under AT&T Next Every Year, which we’ll add once we have it. But assuming the price of the 128GB model is $1000, that works out to $41.67/mo.

AT&T will charge $41.67/mo for 30 months on AT&T Next for the 512GB model. If they offer it on AT&T Next Every Year, it would cost roughly $52.08/mo for 24 months.

BONUS: If you buy a Note 9 from AT&T, they’ll give you another Note 9, Galaxy S9, or S9+ for free.


Verizon will charge $41.66/mo on a 24 month device payment plan for the 128GB model. The 512GB model will cost $52.08/mo for 24 months.

BONUS: If you buy a Note 9 from Verizon, they’ll give you another 128GB Note 9, S9, or S9+ for free with device payment plan. They’ll also give you $10 off Samsung accessories if you belong to their Verizon Up program.


T-Mobile will charge you $30/mo for the 128GB model, but you have to pay $279.99 down. The 512GB model will also cost $30/mo, but your down payment jumps to $529.99.

BONUS: T-Mobile will shave off $500 if you trade-in a Galaxy S8, S8+, S8 Active, S7, S7 Edge, S7 Edge Active, Note 8, or Note 5. They’ll give you $250 off if you trade-in anything from the Galaxy S6 down to the Galaxy S5.


Sprint is charging $20.83/mo for 18 months if you get a Note 9 on the Sprint Flex Lease plan. With Sprint’s Galaxy Forever program, you also get to upgrade to another phone in a year.

Pre-order Freebies

If you pre-order the Galaxy Note 9, Samsung has some freebies lined up for you. You get to choose from either 15,000 V-bucks ($149 value) to spend on Fortnite, along with a special Fortnite Galaxy Skin or a pair of AKG N60 noise cancelling headphones ($299 value).

You can get both of those combined in a package too, and it will cost you just $99.

Note 9 Pre-order Links



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