Another Report Claims Samsung Will Release Foldable Phone With 7″ Display Early Next Year

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The latest intel from Wall Street Journal suggests Samsung will release its foldable smartphone, codenamed Winner, early next year. This aligns with a similar report we wrote up in mid-June. Unfortunately, WSJ also reports that the phone’s price will be no laughing matter, but that also goes along with the same report I just mentioned.

According to WSJ’s sources who are familiar with Samsung’s plan, the foldable phone will feature a roughly 7″ display that folds in half. When folded, there will be a secondary display on front, while camera(s) will be on the backside.

As for pricing, WSJ reports that the phone’s price could be well over $1,500, which as I stated, aligns with the report we wrote up in June that stated the phone could cost around $1,800. Interestingly, sources say Samsung isn’t anticipating a ton of sales at first, but hopes that being the first to market a foldable device such as this will get at least a few folks excited. Written in the report, “Samsung is betting that the phone’s novelty could be enough to convince some premium users to take the plunge.”

While this foldable smartphone is said to be one of Samsung’s top priorities at the moment, everything about it from design to launch timing could still change, according to WSJ.

We have been discussing foldable phones for what feels like a few years now. Let’s say Samsung releases this phone for the price of $1,699 or maybe even a little cheaper. Would you take the plunge?

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