Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9 Just Hit the FCC (Updated: US Unlocked Too)

galaxy note 8

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There’s been a lot of talk recently about Samsung possibly announcing the Galaxy Note 9 a month earlier than they usually do. To back that idea up, we thought we should point out that the device just hit the FCC, about a month earlier than the Galaxy Note 8 did.

This new Samsung product that arrived at the FCC is not necessarily labeled as “Galaxy Note 9,” but Samsung does use model numbers in their FCC IDs. And the FCC ID of the device we believe is the Note 9 is A3LSMN960F. The SMN960F is the part we care about, as that is the model number. Samsung, when they sell this device, will refer to it as SM-N960F. That gives it away because the Galaxy Note 8 was SM-N950, the Note 7 was SM-N930, and the Note 5 was SM-N920.

We’re still diving into the documents, but so far we’re seeing plenty of LTE bands, which one would expect. Just keep in mind that these “F” model numbers of Samsung phones are often international variants, so if you aren’t seeing all bands, that’s OK. We often see international units hit the FCC before the US models do. The US model we’ll want to keep an eye out for is likely to be SM-N960U rather than SM-N960F.

Of course, Bluetooth, NFC, and MST are all on board too. MST is for Samsung Pay, in case you were wondering.

galaxy note 9 lte bands

To recap the Galaxy Note 9, current rumors suggest that it’ll arrive on August 9 at an event in NYC before shipping toward the end of the month. It probably looks just like this. It may have fasterĀ fast charging too.

UPDATE: 7/3: The US unlocked Galaxy Note 9 stopped at the FCC today. It’s just like the phone above, only under model number SM-N960U and with support for all of the major US carriers.

We’ll continue to update this post if we find more info.

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