Google Just Released a Stand-Alone Podcast App

google podcasts

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Google just dropped a stand-alone podcast app on us called Google Podcasts. We were pretty sure this was coming, but there is no longer any mystery surrounding it. You can download Google Podcasts right now.

Why would you? Well, Google Play Music is dying at some point in the future, so if you had podcast action going on in there, you’ll need to find a new spot. YouTube Music could have some of that podcast functionality, but probably not in the same sense. With Google Podcasts, you will have a dedicated space just for podcasts. It’s free too…I’m trying to sell you here.

The app is super clean and reminds me of the new Google News app. Account attaching is a bit odd, but it syncs across devices using Google Assistant. That should mean it just hooks up to whatever Google account you use with Assistant, if that makes sense, and should be able to be swapped by changing your default account in the Google app. For example, I must have searched for the Droid Life Show¬†at some point, so that’s already in there for me.

Umm, yeah, it’s bare bones, lets you download episodes, and will remove them after a certain amount of time. With syncing, you can start listening on one device and then continue through another.

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