LG G7 ThinQ Pricing is Here and It’s More Expensive Than the Galaxy S9

lg g7 thinq price

When LG announced the G7 ThinQ, we knew that the phone was coming to Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint but that AT&T had passed on it in favor of a yet-to-be-announced LG phone. What we didn’t know was pricing, although we were told during a briefing to expect pricing near the LG G6. Today, T-Mobile announced pricing for the phone and it’s not actually priced near the G6. Instead, the LG G7 ThinQ is priced above the Galaxy S9, which probably isn’t a great move.

T-Mobile plans to sell the LG G7 ThinQ for $750 at full retail, or $30 per month after a $30 down payment. The Galaxy S9, a phone most would argue is superior to the G7, costs $720 at full retail and doesn’t require a down payment to get into one. And in case you were wondering, the LG G6 dropped in at around $650 when it launched last year.

While I’m aware that LG packed a lot of specs into the G7 ThinQ, I’m not sure LG is in position to battle with Samsung at a higher price point. You could also argue that Samsung packed even more into the Galaxy S9 (like a better display and camera), yet it starts $30 cheaper. I’m not saying that LG should be bargain-bin-pricing their phones to OnePlus levels, but if I’m standing in a T-Mobile store looking at both and I see that Samsung’s new phone is cheaper, why would I go elsewhere? Unless LG can sell me on a benefit that the G7 has over the S9 (because I can’t think of one), I don’t know why anyone else would do anything differently.

T-Mobile is trying to soften that price blow a bit with a BOGO deal on the phone when it goes up for pre-order on May 25. If you buy two G7 ThinQs on equipment installment plans (EIP), you can get a second one free in the form of monthly bill credits. In other words, a 2-year contract.

T-Mobile G7 ThinQ Pre-Order Link

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