Android Distribution Updated for January 2018: Oreo Continues to Grow at Unimpressive Rate

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Each month, Google posts up the Android Distribution numbers, and each month, we try to hold our laughter back. In December, Oreo, the latest and greatest version of Android, was on as many Android handsets as Ice Cream Sandwich. That equated to 0.5% of the total Android pie, which after a few months of being available, is pretty comical. There’s absolutely nothing Google can do about it right now, but still, it’s something we enjoy pointing out.

Regardless of what we think, Google has posted up January’s distribution numbers, so let’s go over them. Oreo now sits at 0.7% (up from 0.5%), Nougat grew to 26.3% (up from 23.3%), Marshmallow fell to 28.6% (down from 29.7%), Lollipop now sits at 25.1%, KitKat is at 12.8%, Jelly Bean is at 5.6%, and Ice Cream Sandwich + Gingerbread equals to the remaining 0.9%.

You can see last month’s numbers here.

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