Verizon LG V20 Picks Up Update With AppFlash, Which You Should Disable

Verizon LG V20

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Verizon updated another of its phones today and included its app advertising platform, AppFlash. This time it’s the LG V20 that received this unwanted, not-asked-for piece of bloatware advertising, but we’re here to remind you again that you should disable it (or not enable it).

What is AppFlash? It’s the panel that Verizon is installing off to the left of its Android phones’ home screens that includes app recommendations, which are ads. It’ll probably track all sorts of your activities in order to provide those recommendations, so again, you’ll want to opt-out, disable, not enable, and everything else you can do to try and rid this trash from your phone. To learn more about AppFlash, checkout this post.

In addition to AppFlash, you’ll now see an LTE logo when connected to an LTE network while on HD calls with video, and the December 2017 security patch is included.

To check for updates, head into Settings>System updates. At least one reader has told us that the update is a whopping 930MB in size. Get on that WiFi.

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