Google Drops Deductible for Normal Wear and Tear in Pixel 2 Preferred Care Plan (UPDATED)

pixel 2 preferred care

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After Google extended the standard warranty on the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL to two years following all of the 2 XL’s display drama, a number of you who opted-in to the Google Store $129 Preferred Care plan were wondering if it was worth hanging on to. Was there still benefit there now that the number of years covered was the same for both standard and Preferred warranties? That’s tough to say, but Google has attempted to add some additional value by removing one set of deductibles.

According to emails pushing out to Preferred Care members, Google will no longer require a deductible payment for normal wear and tear during the coverage period (two years after you bought it). So now, if you have issues that arrive from that aren’t your fault, you’ll be able to get a replacement or repair without any additional cost.

UPDATE: Alright, so there is clearly some confusion surrounding the below email that Google sent out to Preferred Care customers. Some are under the impression that Google suggesting that deductibles have been dropped isn’t a new addition and that this is just Google passing along the fact that they extended the manufacturer’s warranty to all owners of the phone. After reading through the newly updated Limited Warranty that covers two years, I’m not so sure that takeaway is correct.

The new Limited Warranty (you can read it here) specifically states that Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL phones are now covered for two years, but that it “does not apply to damage caused by normal wear and tear, accidents, misuse, neglect, disassembly, alterations, servicing other than by Google authorized technicians,” and so on. The new 2-year Limited Warranty only covers “defects in materials and workmanship under normal use.” In the email below, Google is saying that “normal wear and tear” is covered in Preferred Care. Attempting to define the difference between all of that should be fun for everyone should you need to file a claim.

It would be nice if Google was better at communicating these things.

Dear Preferred Care member,

Good news: To offer even more peace of mind to our customers, we’ve extended our Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL manufacturer’s warranty from 1 year to 2 years.

Since you’re one of our valued Preferred Care members, we wanted to let you know how this will affect our program. As of today, if you experience hardware failures due to normal wear and tear during your coverage period, you will not have to pay a deductible for repair or replacement.

And of course, you’ll continue to enjoy all your Preferred Care benefits, including exclusive access to our expert sessions, priority service, and two-year accidental damage coverage for up to two claims.

These changes are effective immediately, and there’s nothing that you’ll need to do. As always, you can receive a full refund on your purchase of Preferred Care for up to 30 days after your device was shipped. If you’ve made any claims, the refund will be minus any claims paid before your cancellation.

Got questions? Just contact us anytime. We’re here to help.

The Google Store Team

Keep in mind that accidental damage will still require a deductible. With this plan, you can claim up to two incidents in the two year period. For the Pixel 2, the deductible there is $79, and for the Pixel 2 XL it is $99.

You tell me, is that enough value?

For additional details on the Preferred Care plan, head over to Google Support.

Cheers Mike, Phillip, and Jeff!



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