SwiftKey Neural Network-Powered Keyboard Now Available on Android

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Last year in October, SwiftKey unveiled an alpha build for the world’s first keyboard powered by a neural network. Since then, big things have been happening at SwiftKey, namely the company being acquired by Microsoft. Possibly topping that news, SwiftKey has publicly launched the world’s first mobile keyboard powered by a neural network. No more alpha or beta builds, this is the real deal. 

With the implementation of this artificial neural network, users can expect superior text predictions while sending messages. Essentially, the keyboard becomes more intelligent, understanding context, allowing it to supply more accurate predictions and auto correction. This is done by the keyboard now understanding word similarity, analyzing longer sentence context, and recognizing complex word relationships.

On the user side of things, not much will change, with the exception of seeing better text prediction. Is that awesome? Absolutely, but I don’t believe the way you use your mobile keyboard is going to change drastically. However, with the better predictions, it’s possible that you will be typing less if SwiftKey is automatically generating the words for you in the suggestion bar.

The update is available today on Google Play.

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