What Else is New in Android N Developer Preview 2? (Updated)

android n dp 2 new

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Every time Google announces a new developer preview or major update to Android, like they did today with the Android N Developer Preview 2, they include additional changes that don’t make it into their blog posts or changelogs. We are talking about things like the subtle changes to the UI, which could be new buttons, a changed icon or two, or an adjustment to something as minuscule as the folder icon.

We haven’t had a ton of time with the Android N Developer Preview 2, but in the short few minutes, these are some of the things we have stumbled onto. Also, as we find more (or you tell us about additional changes), we will be sure to continue to update this post.

Here we go. 

New folder icons! ZOMG. Honestly, I don’t get the excitement, but hey, new folder icons!

android n dp 2 new

What’s a bigger deal to nerds than new folder icons? A “Clear All” button in the app switcher! LOOK. AT. THIS.

android n dp 2 new-2

I didn’t mention this yet, but Google is now showing the build number in the Android Beta Program quick tile. As you can see above, the new Developer Preview 2 tile says “Android Beta Program N (NPC91K)” whereas the original preview just said “Android Beta” or “Android Beta Program.”

Speaking of tiles, a Calculator quick tile or toggle or…app shortcut? I thought Google said that toggles “should not be used as shortcuts to launching an app.” Whatever. Do you, Google.

android n dp2 new

And here are some of the new emoji.

But Google actually tweaked more than just those. They also straightened out all of the cartoonish yellow heads, so that none turn to the side anymore and made changes to the old people. The ghost is new as well.

Fancy new camera app, as well, along with picture taking during videos! (Cheers person!)

UPDATE 1:  This new feature is a tweak to home screen adjustments when you grab an icon from the app drawer or on a home screen with a long press, or if you move a widget. What we are getting is a “Remove” option on the top, along with an “App info” option on the bottom. And again, this pops up for both widgets and apps, so you can always quickly get into the app info screen. This is likely just a Google App / Google Now Launcher feature, but it’s only available when running the new Android N DP2.

android n dp2 new-2 android n dp2 new

UPDATE 2: It looks like we’ll all soon be able to set individual lock and home screen wallpapers! (via)

android n lock screen wall

UPDATE 3: Google is now providing OTA .zip files for Android N Previews! That’s awesome for those of us who don’t want to wait for OTAs to show and forgot to unlock bootloaders.

UPDATE 4:  Replying to notifications, now a part of a secure lock screen! (Cheers TrugyRN!)

android n notofications dp2-2 android n notofications dp2

Anything else?



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