Question of the Day: Are You Excited About Motorola’s 2016?

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Within the last couple of weeks, you told us what you thought about LG and HTC at the moment, how they could win you over, and if their next phones are even on your radar. Today, we move onto Motorola and ask that you share with us your thoughts on whether or not 2016 could be an exciting year for the Lenovo-owned smartphone maker. 

In recent months, the future of Motorola hasn’t necessarily been called into question, but I think it’s quite obvious that some major changes are on the horizon after an up and down year. We’ve seen reports about Motorola completely dying as brand, yet they aren’t in reality. We have seen reports suggest that Lenovo will do ridiculous things like kill off the Moto G line, yet they aren’t doing anything close to that. We have seen Lenovo talking about the next in the Moto line, a phone that will be “More innovative, more attractive.” We have seen them cut off phones after just a year and turn into one of the worst at updating their phone line after being one of the best. We have seen them create one of the best smartphones of the past year (here are reasons to buy one), along with the best Android Wear watch.

See? It’s been a year of good, bad, and confusing for Motorola.

For 2016, I have to admit that I’m sort of envisioning much of the same. I wouldn’t be shocked if we got a 3rd gen version of the Moto 360 and a new Moto line, including an X and G. But I’m wondering if any of it can match what Samsung, LG, and HTC are about to throw at us? Not that Motorola has been boring in recent years, it’s just that everyone else seems to be really kicking things up a notch.

Is Motorola, now that Lenovo is in complete control, ready to do the same? Will this be an exciting year for Motorola or one where we drop an, “Ugh, Lenovo?”



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