Verizon’s Full Retail Phone Prices Seem to be Dropping: One Max and G2 for $499, ULTRA at $449

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It could be that today is Black Friday, but full retail pricing on some of Verizon’s top devices seems to be dropping to pretty reasonable numbers. We’re talking the brand new HTC One Max at $499, a phone that launched 8 days ago for $299 on-contract and $599 off. 

But if the massive new flagship from HTC is of interest (we wouldn’t be surprised if it isn’t), the DROID ULTRA can be had at $449, DROID Mini at $399, LG G2 at $499, Galaxy S4 Mini at $399, and Galaxy S4 at $499. These aren’t as rock-bottom as the Cyber Monday deal coming up for the Moto X, but they are some of the lowest you’ll find anywhere. You certainly won’t find off-contract prices like this at retailers like Best Buy or Amazon.

As a reminder, the best way to order phones at full retail through Verizon is by using their Iconic Portal. Instead of dealing with the hassles of their normal online sales process that continues to try to push you into terrible contract-heavy deals with unnecessary accessory bundles, the Iconic Portal is a no-fuss outlet for buying phones. We told you about this months ago, but figured you could use a reminder.

Verizon Iconic Portal

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