Rumor: Verizon Planning Customization Service for Galaxy S4 LTD Edition

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Galaxy S4 LTD

Android is already known as the go-to OS if you want to customize your phone – custom backgrounds, keyboards and third-party lockscreens can all be added after you purchase the device from an OEM. However, if this newest leak is to be believed, Verizon is looking to give customization options during the ordering process to wildly change the outside look of your new Galaxy S4

Galaxy S4 LTD edition is reportedly soon to come to Verizon with its own SKU, allowing the carrier to partner with different brand names to make your phone look extremely unique. Kid Robot (a popular urban toy line), KAWS, Undefeated (an urban clothing designer) and KRINK all have different designs on board that you can choose to have grace the back of your device.


The back of the device isn’t the only canvas however, as software customizations are also on the list of changes that can be made. A website is said to be in the works to allow you to customize and order your S4, making the whole process easy. The leak comes from @evleaks who is usually pretty spot on with his digging, so this is all the more intriguing. Motorola has been hinting towards hardware customization for a while now, but with Samsung’s weight behind the project it could take off.

Would you pay a bit extra to have a limited edition S4 with a brand design on the back?

Via: @evleaks | TheUnlockr



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