Google Files Patent for Smartwatch With Bezels as Touchpads

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At this point, can we pencil in Google as guaranteed to be the next big tech company to create a smartwatch? We’ve already seen at least one patent filed for a watch, along with a report that the Android team is leading the charge on the project. So today’s patent filing doesn’t necessarily come as a surprise, but it does offer up details on how this new wearable wriststrap could work. 

Similar to how Google Glass works with its side touchpad, this patent talks of using the bezels around the watchface for accomplishing gestures like pinch-to-zoom, scrolling, and stretching. The patent says specifically that the bezel will be used to “provide a tactile-based user input to the processor.”

There are also mentions of a display, processor, battery, and wriststrap, along with dozens of mentions of this being a “smart-watch.” If you didn’t think that Google was working on one, I hope that you do now. Here’s to hoping it looks similar to this Google Time concept.

If you could choose, would you go Google smartwatch or Glass?

google smartwatch

Via:  USPTO | Engadget



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