Sprint Galaxy Nexus 4.2.1 Update Available for Download, Verizon Owners Left Behind Again

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Hey, look, more bad news for owners of the Verizon Galaxy Nexus, the forever stepchild of the “Nexus” franchise. The Sprint version of the same exact phone, has an official Android 4.2.1 update that can be downloaded and installed this very moment. It’s not being pushed to devices, as far as we know, but the file has been found on Google’s servers and is about as official as it gets. At this point, we’re just waiting for Sprint to mention it and then for it to appear as an OTA update on phones. 

So that leaves the Verizon G-Nex behind, as usual. Back in November, I wrote up the fact that the device was a full three updates behind the GSM Galaxy Nexus and the rest of the Nexus family. Since the last official update of 4.1.1 came to it in September, Google has released updates of 4.1.2, 4.2, and now 4.2.1 with 4.2.2 potentially on the way. So before long, it could be a full four updates behind. So much for it being a Nexus? Well, that depends on your definitely of a “Nexus.”

I don’t think I need to mention it for the 100th time, but will anyway – Verizon’s system for updating phones is the worst in the business. This is a Nexus, which means the version of Android is as stock as it gets and should take no time to approve. Yet here we are, bitching again about the lack of updates to a phone that should be the easiest of all to update. Look Verizon, if you aren’t going to give this phone attention, then at least cut the cord between you and Google so that they can give us timely updates, something you have failed to do from day 1.

For Sprint owners, feel free to grab the 98MB file below and get to flashing.

Download Link

Via:  XDA



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