Different Retailer Expecting Nexus 7 Docks on January 6

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nexus 7 dock

The Nexus 7 dock continues to avoid us, months after the device became available to the public and another couple of months since its accessory lineup leaked. We think we’re getting close, though. We have already seen one lucky soul grab one in Japan and happily show it off on video. Then last week, we saw B&H list it as becoming available on December 30.

Today, we have yet another retailer listing it as coming soon, only this time it’s slightly later than the last one. ExcaliberPC, an online retailer I’m not necessarily familiar with, is listing a January 6 availability date. As you probably figured, the 30th is this Sunday and probably much more¬†preferable to most of us. The 6th of January is the day that we head to Vegas for CES, and not quite as tasteful.

Via:  ExcaliberPC

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