Congressman Promises to Limit FTC’s Power if Anti-Trust Case is Brought Against Google

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The news that Google may have an FTC case on its hands isn’t even a week old, but it is looking to turn into quite the controversy already. The FTC has been investigating Google as to whether or not they favored their own products in search results over the products and links of other companies. Apparently a decision in the case is close, but one Representative is warning the FTC on their next course of action. 

Democratic Representative from Colorado, Jared Polis has warned the FTC, saying Congress will limit the Commission’s power if they bring a suit against Google. Polis said the move would be a “woefully misguided step that would threaten the very integrity of our anti-trust system.” Some very strongly worded arguments are being sent the FTC’s way.

This is certainly some pretty strong political positioning. Congress has every right to limit the FTC if they see fit, but such a reaction seems a bit overzealous. Google has maintained that they have done nothing illegal with their search result rankings, but if Google is wrong in some way, shouldn’t the FTC be free to bring suit against them?

This is shaping up to be a pretty big legal battle in one way or the other. What do you think of the Congressional message?

Via: BGR



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