Google Close to Having an FTC Case on Its Hands For Abusing Search Results

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Google is soon to be in hot water with the FTC again if the latest report out of Reuters is to be believed. An investigation into whether Google wrongly used its ownership of Google Search to promote their products above products of rival companies has been underway for a while now. 4 out of the 5 investigators of this case are recommending legal action against Google for these allegations.

Apparently there is a “long list” of companies that have filed complaints against Google under this claim. Last month, FTC Chairman Jon Leibowitz said that he expected a decision in the case by the end of the year. If the FTC feels that they have a case, Google could negotiate a settlement out of court, but if that doesn’t work this could go before a judge. A decision should be reached sometime soon, until then we have to wait and see if Google broke the law in ranking their search results.

Via: Reuters



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